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Raisin a glass to Rum Review With No bake Treat 

A few months ago I found through Twitter a Cornish creation called….

Dead mans fingers rum 


A dark silky smooth & delicious flavoursome rum & the smell of zesty orange notes is quite frankly amazing!  the depth of flavour & taste is incredible for such a fine bottle of Rum.

“Thee best rum we’ve ever tasted”

So when it arrived on my doorstep boxed & packed with lots of care, Needless to say I’ve decided to not just review this wonderful golden orange silky Rum, I decide to bake something with it too. 

Forget the Caribbean! Far to expensive to travel to anyway. Now Cornwall on the other hand Those gorgeous beaches beautfiul scenery & now a tasty Cornish Made creation that is this Rum.

So Me harty’s lets be Raisin a Glass to Rum with my 

(No bake Rum & raisin crisp finger bites)

Simply soak 1 shot full glass of Rum into about 100g of Seedless raisins (for 24 hours)


Now whilst they are soaking overnight 

Relax & Enjoy a glass of either of these below the evening before, whilst you wait for the raisins to soak. Hic! 

I call it the “Cornish sunrise” Cocktail for the ladies:

Simple & tasty using Orange juice & one shot of dark dead mans fingers rum 


Perhaps Try What I’d like to call “Rough seas” Rum on the Cornish rocks
Ok now the morning after or afternoon after the night before if you haven’t sunken to many glasses.
You’ll need the following 

1x grease proof lined or cling film baking tray 

1x Pyrex dish 

1x pot of boiling water


200g of chocolate 

150g of crispies 

150g of seedless raisins 

1 shot glass full of rum 


in a bain Marie style pop half a pot of boiling water from the kettle (don’t let it boil turn of just before to save energy & money) & Use a heatproof dish (in my case) Pyrex dish on top of the pot make sure the boiling water doesn’t touch the bottom of the dish.

Now add 200g of dark or milk chocolate any kind will do (I used dark chocolate to go with this rum) 

stir chocolate (no tempering required) until it starts to melt. 


once half way through melting take the dish full of chocolate off the pot of boiling water, keep stiring till all the chocolate has melted. 

if it hasn’t pop it back on the pot over the water & keep stirring to get some more heat into the dish.

Once melted

Add in your crispies cereal into the chocolate & the soaked raisins you did last night 

Stir in well & pour onto your lined baking tray (no baking required) 

flatten & spread out in the tray & pop it in the fridge to set for around 30 minutes 

Once set, cut into squares, fingers or bars & enjoy. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post & please do pop by & giving dead mans fingers rum. A Follow on Twitter  Deadmansfingers rum 

& You can also buy the rum featured from various places online too.

Until the next rummy post appears enjoy me harty’s 

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A Wright Treat 

A Wright easy Treat.

I love a nice treat or 2 once in while but then…. Don’t we all right? 

Wrights baking recently revealed a new toffee cookie mix, now if your like me & don’t have much time for baking & still fancy a treat, then A Wright Good Mix from wrights baking is what you’ll want. 

I received a lovely parcel with 3 mixes to try out, 2 of which i’ve used so far to make 2 simple easy treats.

The first was my Caramel & strawberry slice topped brownies & muffins wrights baking chocolate fudge cake mix, along with a lovely jar of caramel biscuit spread & fresh home grown strawberries.

This mix is really easy & simple to use for someone who wants to make the perfect brownie or muffin. 

It’s as good as it would if you mixed it all up yourself but when your always busy & don’t make enough time to bake from scratch it’s the perfect thing to buy.
& here is the result of just a little time in the kitchen 

 caramel strawberry slice Chocolate fudge brownies 

Summer Strawberry slice & caramel chocolate fudge brownies   

My second easy bake mix was the Brand new Toffee cookie mix. 

I couldn’t fault this mix (although rather sweet already & having to add a tad more water) but so quick to mix up & make. A wright yummy cookie mix 

i made gooey chocolate centres ones with my mix & got 9 cookies in all out of it. I used Hazelnut chocolate spread for the chocolate centres. 

first mixed it up & made 9 largish balls of dough (not much dough from 1 bag for many cookies, but then again you don’t need much) I rolled out slightly to put on a baking tray,  & then rolled out 9 smaller balls to roll out & go on top

I then took my jar of spread & added a generous spoonful in the middle of each one, I took the 9 smaller rolled out dough discs & placed each one on top over the chocolate spread,

then sealed it on top of the bigger discs, going round with my fingers to merge both dough discs together Ready to pop in the already preheated oven. (All instructions are on back of the packet. 

This was the result.



Thank you for reading you can follow me on Twitter @icedrainbow where I share not just my work but also other bakes I like to make too.

Please do also feel free to check out Wright flour website for lots of other different mixes recipes & more.

You can also Follow them on Twitter @wrightsbaking

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A Wild Knight To Remember 

In the beautiful east of England there’s a lovely place called Norfolk with broads you’ll adore with wildlife galore & a countryside of beauty, but blossoming among the fields of barley is a clean crisp clear golden nectar made from these golden fields of barley undiscovered until now. 

A Wild knight has risen and given us the most purest English premium vodka called “wild Knight” & a few months ago I came across this wonderful brand, who make this fine vodka I believe that I’ve tasted since well…. since forever as I’ve never tasted vodka like it. 

Fine vodka deserves a fine cut glass  to drink it from   

A drink in my honest opinion best served long with a small amount of quality lemonade perhaps & sipped slowly savouring every sip, With soft subtle sweet & crisp taste. 

Upon opening this fine knights sword embellished shield crested bottle the subtle hint is there of that barley used to produce its contents, unlike other vodka’s that just smell potent & strong. This spirit is one you just can’t not enjoy with it’s classy look it’s sophisticated taste & most importantly no hangover which means good quality (unless your someone who drinks alot of it) this however is one that needs to be enjoyed to appreciate the taste of a British UK crafted spirit. I for one shall most definitely be getting myself a bigger bottle. (Photos show a sample bottle enough for one quality measure)

to find out more about them & the Story behind them, also where to buy it you can go to there website below.
Or find them on Twitter @wildknightvodka

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Tuck in & enjoy

I do love a delivery especially when it arrives in a large box & contains something tasty & sweet.
Now… we all know and love our favourite brands from food to accessories & clothes, but have you heard of Thomas tucker popcorn?

If not you should have by now as they are in many different cinemas with a wide range of products including there yummy popcorn & more.

I personally love the summer fruits flavour but I still enjoy the others too of course but this one is most different to any I’ve eaten with its fruity & sweet taste.

up till a few months ago they didn’t have a bulk Order website but now they have & its now even easier to obtain a wide variety of all there products direct from them.

Enjoy the perfect movie night in with tasty popcorn you’ll want to share.

After all sharing is caring.


Follow them on twitter @thomastuckerltd
check out there website

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Drizzle me shake me anyway you want me


A few months ago I came across a new brand called peanut hottie.

I think every personal trainer,fitness expert,to the general public will have heard of them by now especially as they are already stocked in various shops & supermarkets. (Please see below for details & price)

Anyhoo I’d been following them for a while on twitter & the sheer delight of getting the opportunity to try before I buy was just fab! (not that I need an excuse to buy anything peanut butter related)

So basically I received my package of hot drink peanut powder & within a few days bought some tasty raspberry ripple ice cream to shake it up into a delicious iced cold Peanut hottie Mc nutty milkshake.
(Yes I did just make that up) but oh what a creamy dreamy fruity nutty milkshake it was.

I used:
A dash of milk about half a cup(ish)
6 large scoops of icecream
1 heaped tablespoon of peanut hottie

This made one very thick peanutty flavoured icecream milkshake.
I’ve had at least 3 or 4 since having the yummy tub of goodness.

as much as I enjoy eating ice cream on a hot summers day I also enjoy cooking ( a can cook won’t cook kinda guy. sometimes mind ) But…. I didn’t get any photos at the time (I will next time) I made a delicious thick peanut hottie drizzle the other day to go over my rice & chicken dinner.

I believe it was about 3 teaspoons & very little hot water to make the thick sticky sweet drizzle. Also doubles as a nice thick dip for strawberries too.

I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction to this lovely independent brand & would love to hear what nutty creations & things you’ve created with this magic powder.

Thank you so much for reading & if you like my post please do share & follow my blog. Thank you 🙂

Don’t forget to Give them a follow on twitter
@peanuthottie & check out there website.

Here’s is a list of where Peanut hottie is stocked:
RRP is £2.99 and stockists are as follows
Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Booths and Tesco stores



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A Popping Success! Thomas Tucker’s popcorn


Well where do I start… A few weeks ago now I found this company on twitter…. (As you do) & to my delight they did an amazing range of brand new popcorn & I love both Sweet & savoury snacks.

So… when I got the opportunity to taste test this new brand I’d come across I just couldn’t wait to try there tasty treats, to my surprise 3 big bags & 2 small ones arrived the other week.

(cue Maroon 5 song) “sugar Yes please”. These 5 scrummy bags just screamed eat me But…… My First dilemma was what to try first, Decisions decisions.

Later on that day we First tried the Coconut toffee
both me & my partner Agreed this was the best toffee popcorn we’d ever had which has a very nice creamy & sweet taste. (like a bounty without the chocolate)

A few hours later……

Yes we opened another bag haha

We chose the chilli lemon popcorn – we couldn’t really taste any lemon but…… that didn’t matter as it was still A very nice flavour & change to any ordinary popcorn. The chilli really did have a kick with a slight sweet after taste which was nice.

Day 2 we went for an evening choice of the Smoked cheddar cheese
– this one divided the 2 of us but as I was the only one that liked them but a nice flavour & not too cheesy, but an all round tasty savoury flavour.

Summer fruits toffee – A Beautifully balanced a deliciously sweet Strawberry & cherry toffee flavour coating (perfect for those with a sweet tooth)

Day 3 yes 3 days before they all disappeared The final bag was the Sugar & salt popcorn – A well balanced sweet & savour taste

We both chose are absolute favourites which are, The summer fruits & coconut.

Some of these flavours are just to good to share! But if you ever get the chance to try them yourself do, you won’t regret it!

I’m also pleased to share they are opening up an online store so you can buy them & get them delivered to your door perfect for that movie night in on a Friday or Saturday evening.



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Aw13 resurgence tees product brand review

Fresh from the packaging a few days ago my latest purchase I’ve had my eye on called from new clothing brand which I first came across on twitter called resurgence tees.

What first attracted me to there clothing range was the 80’s and 90’s kid t shirts with a great typography style print within the wording to make up the design on the tee, which I think looks great its available in most sizes and they have 2 styles one for the ladies as well as one for the men.

Besides my love for the 80’s 90’s tee’s, I recently noticed a brand new unisex sweatshirt design. Which I just had to have to go with my winter wardrobe, now it might not be everyone’s cup of tea however they have a lot more designs on there website too, I ordered the dark burgundy red one shown here in the pic,


with winter coming a sweater is going to be very welcome indeed.

My overall impressions:
Great design as well as quality
Great colour it also comes in black too.
Excellent customer service well packaged and super fast on delivery
(Size I’m wearing is a medium)

If you need a sweater for this winter then I definitely suggest you go grab yourself one!

You can find them on
Twitter: @resurgencetees

Thanks for checking out my blog!