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Celebrating 40 years of the Rainbow Flag 

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged with many factors as to why 

Last year, I created a design to celebrate & mark 40 years of the rainbow flag for this year.

A piece combining both things that Inspired me the rainbow flag & the Quote by Maya Angelou “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud” 

A lady who was a world renowned Poet, author, and activist but also an LGBT Advocate. 

So using her positive quote which many of you may have heard over the years & the flag was and turned out to be a “big hit” with many of you worldwide.

So I made 40 of these to mark the occasion & to date since its launch in February 2018, we’ve sold nearly all of them, Each one comes with its own Coa Numbered Card. (Pictured below) 

One of our many customers included Jamie From Collabro (pictured below) wearing his with pride, before heading off to his rehearsal for the Olivier awards recently.

If you’d like to order one the few remaining rainbow cloud pins for yourself to wear with pride & Promote Some positivity you can purchase HERE

Many thanks for reading 

Tom x 

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Change in season & in style 

I recently did a poll on twitter to find out what everyone’s favourite season was and yes…. you guessed it Autumn Won! 

So as the seasons have changed and our styles do too, It’s time to think about dusting off your favourite coat,scarves and digging out accessories OR buying new.

Whether your the kind of person who wants to be on trend Or a trend setter. The difference between the two varies – those who follow the crowd or those who find their own unique style.

including Shopping in your favourite stores Or local in quirky small businesses from the bakers,butchers,cafes & designers of all trades, Online as well as on the high street.

So what are you waiting for get out there and shop small and be unique.

I’d also like to mention as a small business myself I’m thrilled to announce:

It’s been a few weeks now but I’ve just released my Newest collection celebrating all things autumnal & colourful about the season.

Please feel free to stop by and take a look at the new collection online

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Tom x 

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Spice up your life Art Collection 

Today marks a very big birthday one that is for the uks biggest best & loved 90s girl band called the spice girls.

So happy 21st ladies! and still loved today as much as you where when you was still together. anyone I know was and still is a fan of the girls as a 5 piece as well as separately.

I still dance like a loon when I hear it pop up on my playlist once in a while. You’ve got to love a classic!?

So in recent days over the last week I daily dosed twitter with some very exciting new art pieces to celebrate and mark the occasion.

Waiting until today that is to reveal what the theme of each piece was all about.

Im thrilled to present My 5 piece abstract art series. Consisting of 5 prints I created to coincide with each of the spice girls.

So here they all are. The Spice up your life Abstract Art collection

I would love to know which one you like or if you love them all. I shall also be selling limited edition signed prints online as of today via my website

And here is an alternative view with each spice girl on the actual prints

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Getting my art mojo Back

I’m thrilled to have finally after many many years to pick up a pastel,paintbrush and Paper and start getting arty once again.

I’ve often get asked many things, some of them being Did you make that & how did you make that? Or Where did I learn it? 

Well the answer is,

I always saw myself as a child finding time to draw & stop & observe the skies as I lay on the grass in the summer & enthusiasm for art at school my baking side of me and just General flare for being creative.

They say kids go through phases as they grow up but my creative side never left me. 

Especially my love of drawing,painting,learning the keyboard (but failed to learn that) but being creative from working with my hands like woodwork, art class, music and home economics and now that I’m in my 30’s everything except the making music (except listening & loving it of course) 

has stuck with me because since I hit my teens I’ve continued to still be enthused by baking,creating my own jewellery,drawing & painting.

I still always find time to stair at the skies, admire the wild animals. I’m often found staring through the kitchen window watching the birds. unless I’m baking something delicious for family & friends that is.

so in all honestly I’m self taught and you can’t always teach certain things, you pick them up and your own unique style and talent by teaching yourself and learning as you go.

It’s literally been years since I painted or drew anything, except for when I’m designing a piece of jewellery for friends family or a customer, or a cake even like this year I made my mother a celebration cake with her favourite childhood character featured on it…

Bagpuss! but that’s another story.

but honestly it’s nice to see that I can still pick up a pencil etc and still create something be it landscape or abstract. 

My mum recently saw my art I’ve been creating for months & she saw one piece in particular she loved, so much so it was My first one I did called “hillside meadow” an original pastel painting. The first thing she said was “I’d have that on my wall, can you do me a print and sign It for me?

This is the first piece I did 

since then I’ve produced, many pieces and some lovely upcoming small collections. 

my first personal piece I created is this a pride of place George Michael print my best friends words were ” I’m having that on my wall ” 

I’ve also sold my first art print as of this month & done 2 art commissions. 

 So I’m really happy to say it’s truly great to be getting my mojo back and getting stuck into my art side once again.
Thank you for reading and please if you’d like to you can follow me on my social media platforms And see what other art pieces I’ve been making. 

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if you’d also like you can take a look at what art work I’m selling on my website to if you want to.
Tom x 

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From Egypt with love Collection SS17 

This years SS17 collection “FROM EGYPT WITH LOVE” collection is the latest Spring summer range, With inspirational treasures from my own Egyptian experience.


This year Marks 10 years since 2 of us not only experienced such a place as Egypt and we got to see many wonderful things. It’s just one of those Places that has to be explored.

so that’s why I’ve created this truly inspiring range 

I’ve been working on it for a few years, after experiencing and see the pyramids Cairo museum, and the treasury as seen in that Indiana jones movie. 

To give you a taste of our visit Here’s a 4 stage reveal photo we took whilst visiting Jordan and the treasury. 


This is why it’s my “My Most Treasured Collection yet” excavated for you to hopefully enjoy and adore, as much as I have making it. 

“everyone who loves the history of the Egyptians and it’s beauty, will discover that the gods,goddesses,kings and queens knew how dress.
It takes you to start a new trend, so find that inner God or goddess in you and release it. 


For more information and to explore the full range Please visit 

A follow up post will arise that’s been sitting in my draft folder for a long time about the whole Egyptian experience we had and I’ll be putting that up soon. 

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Another Year Nearly Over

It’s the end of an era & soon to be a beginning of a new chapter. 

looking back on 2016 that icedrainbow has had is another menagerie of fun exciting sorts from exciting collaborations with bakers and other customers bespoke creations.

like this collaboration

with “becks bakes” who I created this cake topper for for gary Barlow’s new Musical The girls + lots of other colourful commissions galore.


here’s just a few more of my top creations …  

from brooches to watches & other keepsakes

I just had so many this last 12 months there’s just no time to talk about them all.

But thanks to Britt from shewhobakes, Sammie from feastingisfun , Natasha Maynard, Sally laker, soul singer Beverley knight, Esther from the cakery, to John from bakeronboard & Wilma & Barbara. to name but a few of you.


 The cake topper created for britt  

  Bespoke wedding design commission from wilma 

This Collaboration with Sammie to celebrate her son & fiancé engagement. This bunting cake bundle below, that she put together with the wonderful cake she created for the occasion.


To celebrate Beverley knights release of her amazing new album “Soulsville” a bespoke necklace created just for her.   
Home & kitchenware

including My extension of the homeware kitchenware accessories, Which I promise you’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2017.

But I just want to say a huge thank you too all for your support in 2016 & here’s another year of great collaborations & custom commissions.

So let’s hope 2017 has something even more to offer, as we all see the next year in & what all our futures hold ahead of us as we go fourth into 2017.

New challenges new prospects & new things to inspire us & lead us to bigger better things.

a final thought for those who we’ve lost this year too with many great stars from tv & the world of music & not forgetting the daily struggles year in year out for business’s & many families too. 

I just want to wish everyone a very happy new year for 2017.

Be happy, Healthy,Positive, kind & thoughtful & may you all have a great year next year.


Best wishes to you all. 


Feel free to shop the sale & find the latest designs I have available on the website 


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Weird wonderful & Cool Top 6 gift ideas

Just Some gift ideas for many personalities picked by me this season

Including one that’s quite strange. 

  • Bose speakers (I actually own one of these) it’s totally Bose wouldn’t be without it for the music lover. With great sound & quality.

Essentially a super cool gift via Amazon 


  • Now this has to be the strangest most weirdest, even if its ment for a joke. Unicorn meat which is basically corned beef with glitter in 


  • 😍 cute & quirky a unicorn tape dispenser which we love. I know a fair few people who would love one of these.

Available from 

  •  R2-D2 coffee maker now this we need & is great for any geek or Star Wars fan 

available to pre order and its released next year. Via think geek.

  • For the stylish fashionista among us either male or female (converse trainers) I own some myself & love them. 

Style your outfit with many colours or just go with simple black and white to go with everything you wear. 
How do you like your toast in the morning I like with mind from Death Star.

  • Now this is one of my favourites a Death Star Star Wars toaster 


Amazing gift idea for the geek or Star Wars fan 
Available from various places found it for £49.99 from The fowndry