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Spice up your life Art Collection 

Today marks a very big birthday one that is for the uks biggest best & loved 90s girl band called the spice girls.

So happy 21st ladies! and still loved today as much as you where when you was still together. anyone I know was and still is a fan of the girls as a 5 piece as well as separately.

I still dance like a loon when I hear it pop up on my playlist once in a while. You’ve got to love a classic!?

So in recent days over the last week I daily dosed twitter with some very exciting new art pieces to celebrate and mark the occasion.

Waiting until today that is to reveal what the theme of each piece was all about.

Im thrilled to present My 5 piece abstract art series. Consisting of 5 prints I created to coincide with each of the spice girls.

So here they all are. The Spice up your life Abstract Art collection

I would love to know which one you like or if you love them all. I shall also be selling limited edition signed prints online as of today via my website

And here is an alternative view with each spice girl on the actual prints

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Getting my art mojo Back

I’m thrilled to have finally after many many years to pick up a pastel,paintbrush and Paper and start getting arty once again.

I’ve often get asked many things, some of them being Did you make that & how did you make that? Or Where did I learn it? 

Well the answer is,

I always saw myself as a child finding time to draw & stop & observe the skies as I lay on the grass in the summer & enthusiasm for art at school my baking side of me and just General flare for being creative.

They say kids go through phases as they grow up but my creative side never left me. 

Especially my love of drawing,painting,learning the keyboard (but failed to learn that) but being creative from working with my hands like woodwork, art class, music and home economics and now that I’m in my 30’s everything except the making music (except listening & loving it of course) 

has stuck with me because since I hit my teens I’ve continued to still be enthused by baking,creating my own jewellery,drawing & painting.

I still always find time to stair at the skies, admire the wild animals. I’m often found staring through the kitchen window watching the birds. unless I’m baking something delicious for family & friends that is.

so in all honestly I’m self taught and you can’t always teach certain things, you pick them up and your own unique style and talent by teaching yourself and learning as you go.

It’s literally been years since I painted or drew anything, except for when I’m designing a piece of jewellery for friends family or a customer, or a cake even like this year I made my mother a celebration cake with her favourite childhood character featured on it…

Bagpuss! but that’s another story.

but honestly it’s nice to see that I can still pick up a pencil etc and still create something be it landscape or abstract. 

My mum recently saw my art I’ve been creating for months & she saw one piece in particular she loved, so much so it was My first one I did called “hillside meadow” an original pastel painting. The first thing she said was “I’d have that on my wall, can you do me a print and sign It for me?

This is the first piece I did 

since then I’ve produced, many pieces and some lovely upcoming small collections. 

my first personal piece I created is this a pride of place George Michael print my best friends words were ” I’m having that on my wall ” 

I’ve also sold my first art print as of this month & done 2 art commissions. 

 So I’m really happy to say it’s truly great to be getting my mojo back and getting stuck into my art side once again.
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Tom x 

Tommy The baker boy's Tucker

Oh so Quick Easy Chewy Flourless chocolate Cloud egg cookies 

I don’t need an excuse to bake 

well.. that is unless your best mate says to you like you didn’t already know, wheat and flour is so bad for you.

So I just said how do you like your eggs? “Fried,scrambled none none of that new cloud egg or faff surely., his reply “anyway they come” 

So what did i do Well a flourless bake of course, haha! So I’m basically Winning already.
so the other day I whisked myself off to the kitchen & made a small batch of flourless chocolate cookies.

flourless Really? Ohhhh yes! and so Soft and chewy airy cloudy like & springy with crispy chocolately outer shell and soft centre of Yummyness. It’s similar to that of a brownie texture.

To make them you’ll need: 


150g icing sugar

40g of unsweetened cocoa powder

2 egg whites 

1 tsp of vanilla essence 

100g of sultanas ( i used currants) But you could adapt and add chopped Cherries,chocolate chips, nuts or what ever you wish.

Optional extra topping caramel drizzle 


1. Combine the icing sugar, cocoa powder stir until Add egg whites including vanilla & whisk until smooth. 

3. Fold in the sultanas 

4. prepare a lined baking tray 

5. Spoon onto a baking tray (leaving plenty of room around each one as they will spread out quite a bit)

Makes around 8 to 12 cookies depending how big you want the cookies

Preheat the oven to 160c Fan for 12-16 minutes.

Once baked allow to cool before removing from the tray

Then just Tuck in & enjoy 

Tommy The baker boy's Tucker

Moreish Jammy Custard Dodger Fudge 

Looks like summer is finally on the horizon with longer days & lighter evenings, It’ll soon be barbecues and garden parties, with friends coming round so you’ll be wanting something delicious to tempt your guests with right? Of course you do.

I mean Who doesn’t love Jammie dodgers? I know I do but do you?

Today I really fancied something sweet for an indulgent little treat for us to tuck into tonight, so much so I decided on a never seen before attempt at Jammie custard fudge. 

Yasss! and would you believe it before I’d even got the chance to take a photos they had almost all of them gone. So i literally had to nab some to hide. 

So I warn you these are Super moreish! So Creamy Dreamy and a super treat.

It takes very little effort to make, but once it’s made you’ll be so happy you made them.

Ingredients you’ll need

1 can of condensed milk

100ml semi skimmed milk 

300g icing sugar

100g unsalted butter

2 tbsp of custard powder. 

And For later 12 Packs of crushed mini Jammie dodgers leaving few about 10 whole ones for topping.

1 x 20cm lined no stick backing pan 

Makes Around 30 Servings


1. Add all the ingredients into a heavy non stick saucepan & stir on a low heat until sugar has dissolved.

2. Keep Stirring until it starts to come to a rolling boil For around 10-15 minutes, As soon as you hit this stage use your candy thermometer (if you have one) and check it’s at approximately 118C.

3. If you don’t have a thermometer take a small amount and drop into a glass or bowl of cold water, (known as soft ball stage) Grab it and roll it into a ball If it comes together like this then its ready. it’s time to add your crushed Jammie dodgers saving some of the whole ones for topping.

6.Take off the heat & stir it continuously until it becomes really thick and just starts to set pour into your Pre lined pan. (Setting time should take around 10-15 minutes)

all that’s left to do is Simply level it out and leave to set completely.

Once cooled score and cut into one inch squares.

Then just Tuck in! 

You’re welcome and Enjoy 


Tommy The baker boy's Tucker

Vegan Dairy Free Creamy Coconut Rum Ice cream Recipe

My Reason for this post is my other half can’t eat regular ice cream & with a lack of flavous and options in the shops, I combined one of my partners favourite flavours.

So with some spare time you can make something tasty & I I mention vegan and dairy free that you can indulge on, With summer coming this’ll be a great treat for adults so I couldn’t think of a better time to start making Ice cream. 

A boozy one at that. Hic! Oh and totally dairy free & vegan too.

It’s Time consuming to make if your churning yourself, But you can Do a no churn method, this is all made without an icecream maker, ( I know I know your thinking why) if i was going to have one it’d be which Best Buy Andrew james Ice cream maker but I don’t have one of them yet so I did the The self churn option.

What makes another totally delicious accompaniment to this recipe is a Wrights baking carrot cake mix if you want to make a cheat bake cake that’s just as good as homemade.

Ingredients for the Chocolate icecream 

Cocoa powder 2 Tbsp 

coconut milk 1 can 

honey 2 tbsp 

Rum 2 tbsp I like to use ( deadmans fingers rum totally and utterly the best Tasting rum ) 

Ingredients for the vanilla Rum & raisin 

Vanilla 1 Tbsp 

coconut milk 2 cans

honey 4 tbsp 

Raisins 200g  

(Add some caramel drizzle for some indulgent sweetness) 

Using The Hand churning method 


1. Firstly Prior to making freeze your whisk and a bowl for 8 hours.

2. After which time, you can take your can of coconut milk and put into a pan simmer ( do not boil) until it starts to thicken. 

(TIP as soon as lots of bubbles start to appear on the surface & it’s begun to thicken immediately take off the heat as it’ll be a custard like texture )

3. Take off the heat and add your honey and cocoa powder Stir until well mixed in, Put back on the heat and stir again until it has just started to thicken once again.

No churn option 

1. Take pan off the heat and pour custard like mixture into an airtight oven/freezer proof container, leave to cool on the side covered for 2 hours

2. Once cool enough add your raisins and rum Put the airtight lid on & put into the freezer until it sets This takes approximately 2-4 hours.

Hand churning option 

1. Take pan off the heat and pour custard like mixture into an airtight oven/freezer proof container, leave to cool on the side covered for 2 hours.

2. Once cool enough add your raisins and rum Put the airtight lid on & put into the freezer for 45 minutes. (by this time it should start to freeze up.

3. Take it out after the 45 minutes, stir with your whisk until smooth, once it’s smooth put back into the freezer (checking over 3 hours every 30 minutes) To Whisk it smooth as it starts to freeze. Once you’ve completed it should start to Leave in the freezer for a further 2 hours hours over night until set. 
Now all that’s left to do is Tuck in.

 Thank you for reading & Enjoy! 

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Tommy The baker boy's Tucker

Apple Chai Madeira Drizzle cupcakes 

Who doesn’t love apples baked in pie or in a crumble with a hint of spice.

It’s still not quiet warm enough with it being spring but these will sure warm the cockles.

I’ve never tried Chai before but what a delight it is I have to say, so I’ve opted here for a Madeira cupcake recipe featuring Henny and Joe’s Chai.
it’s simply delicious and compliments the taste of cake beautifully just like an apple pie, if you haven’t tried it before then try out henrys & joes perfect blend.

so here’s the Recipe

Firstly Preheat fan assisted oven to 140c 

Madeira cake batter Ingredients 

2 tbsp of Henny & joes Chai 

150g stork butter softened

150g caster sugar

3 eggs

150g self raising flour

Cream butter & sugar together until soft & creamy

Next Add eggs & whisk till combined 

Then gradually add sieved flour until thoroughly mixed 
spoon equally into cupcake muffin cases 

This will make Approximately 12 cupcakes

Always Leave to cool before decorating.

For the Apple drizzle Method

100g icing sugar 

juice of 1 apple 

Stir until thick add more icing sugar or water to make your one consistency.

Drizzle over and leave to set if you can wait that long and tuck in. 
Baking time: Approximately 20-25 minutes
Enjoy & thank you for reading.

Tom x
Ps please feel free to comment if you have made this recipe & how it was for you. 

Tommy The baker boy's Tucker

Gooey chewy Ginger cream blondie cookie bars 

It’s spring at last but something isn’t quite right is it? 

The weather! of course. A typical British thing what ever the time of year. Right!?

Well the other day it called for something sweet, spicy and chocolately.

My first ever batch of Delicious Gooey chewy blondie cookie bars

Fancy making some yourself?
Ok then Well You’ll need:

1 mug of SR flour OR 210g 
Half cup of melted unsalted butter OR 125g

Half mug of sugar 

1 tsp of vanilla

150 Dark chocolate chips

2 packs of ginger cream biscuits 

(Makes Around 18 pieces) 


Grease and line a baking tray

Melt the butter add sugar and stir until smooth, 

next add 1 egg and vanilla stir whisk again until smooth. 

Add the Flour and crushed packs of biscuits mix well into a dough.

Spoon onto the baking tray and flatten    

Sprinkle chocolate chips on top. 
Bake Time 160c FAN for 15-20 minutes until slightly soft as they’ll harden as they cool.

Remove from the oven, leave to stand for 10 mins then partially cut into squares.

Once cooled remove the whole thing to a cooling tray, cut the partially marked squares completely then leave to completely cool.


For the drizzle

Once cooled, prepare your icing sugar about 200g 

1 shot of espresso coffee.

Stir until thick add more icing sugar if needed.

Then drizzle onto your cut cookie bars.


If you can wait till the icing has set, enjoy with a hot mug of tea or coffee & enjoy.

A blissful tasty gingery cookie square with hint of coffee and dark chocolate tones.

If you like the sound of these and wish to bake them, do let me know if you do by leaving a comment below & share if you wish on social media.

Many thanks For baking with icedrainbow.

Till next time Happy baking