About Me

H my names Tom I’m a Fun Quirky Designer
blogging about all things fashion,product reviews,occasional baking cooking personal posts & Product updates from my website.

I design create & make Quirky jewellery accessories,home decor and cake accessories, from wood & acrylic all Made in the UK in my Essex Based studio.

I’ve always been creative & made things for family and friends, I loved Art & woodwork at school. I also went to college & qualified as a trained chef in the midlands to then wanting to go down a different path after working normal 9-5 jobs over the years.
I Eventually decided to set up my own website to create & make for all to see & own something for themselves, That’s when a few years ago Icedrainbow was born.
Where anything can be iced in all colours of the rainbow From crystallised gifts to perspex products.

My designs are made using perspex,wood,silver plated chains, sterling silver chains,
as well as new/offcuts of perspex that have been recycled/upcycled into bright colourful products.

A colourful life is an exciting life and to be able to make pieces for my old & new customers a dream piece of jewellery or accessorie, that’s been bespoke made or otherwise a ready wear piece I have made is such a delight.

Anything is possible! a dream piece you’ve always wanted awaits you so come & join my rainbow of many colours & let me make you something you otherwise may have thought wasn’t possible.
In my spare time occasionally,  I Love to blog about food,baking & cakes I’ve made. I’ve always been a lover of sweet and savoury food and bakes. I love the entirety of food and baking it brings joy to others, a delight for the eyes and a sensation of taste when devoured by us all.

My alias for my baking side of me is Tommy Mr Baker boys Tucker. 

You’ll always find me baking or cooking up something delicious be it fresh or from a Wright good pre mix. 

My love of cooking started from secondary school in Home economics class, and because of my dad who once said he worked in a b&b covering for the cook occasionally) so thanks to him partly & for pushing me to go for my chef course in Northampton. 

If it wasn’t for my dad, i  wouldnt have gone to college and won silver medal for Bakewell tarts in a competition my tutor put the group I worked with in to. 

I only did a year before going into work at just 16 and doing numerous jobs over the years ( my choice) , I wished though that I’d taken up a patisserie course only side of things, as I enjoy baking more then cooking. 


I do love food ( as does everyone) but I wouldn’t Change anything now based on all the areas I covered at college, and from what I’ve taught myself. 

I’m a only a home amateur baker but as cherish Finden would say “I love it” 

so there you have it a little insight about me & my world.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my updates and various blog posts.

Tommy Mr baker boy’s Tucker / Icedrainbow.


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