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Rum Raisin & Spiced Choc coconut cream Sandwich biscuits 

It’s biscuit week! week 2 of the New great British bake off  (without Mel sue & Mary) but it isn’t all that bad after all, even if we do miss them. It’s all about the bake & the bakers it’s tense & funny plus always great to see what each bakers capabilities are each week.

Now I love a biscuit & an excuse to bake along with the bake off even more so as many of us are doing and sharing it on twitter using the hashtag gbbotwitterbakealong created by thebakingnanna1 & robcallen 

So This week I decided to make my own signature bake Called “Perfect Match”.

Some bakers this week had a story to tell about theirs and I have one of my own.

Me & my partner are not only a “perfect match” But everything in the biscuits I made are some of what we love. Spicy food,rum & we like having a laugh hence the fruit & nutty part of the bake.

So anyway 

I created a 2 tone flavour sandwich biscuit & this was the recipe in case you feel like making them yourself.

Rum raisin & spiced chocolate coconut cream sandwich biscuits 

rum & raisin shortbread ingredients:

85g plain flour 

Sugar 27.5g

60g Unsalted Butter

30g raisins


Spiced chocolate shortbread ingredients :

85g plain flour

27.5g sugar 

1tsp of all spice 

20g of cocoa powder or 2 tbsp 

60g unsalted butter 

Coconut buttercream Filling:

1 sachet of coconut cream 

Softened Unsalted butter 100g

200g icing sugar 

Add all in ingredients to a bowl & use an Electric whisk.

If you prefer to cheat with your filling just buy a tub of bounty spread to save time.

Ingredients make approximately 12 bite size of each batch of shortbread, and you can Double the ingredients if you want bigger biscuits or more bite size ones.

Method for shortbreads: 

In seperate bowls 

1. Cream softened unsalted butter and sugar together

2. Add the flour and lightly mix (for chocolate shortbread blend in the cocoa powder too)

3. Then drain excess rum off & Add Pre Soaked seedless raisins in 4 tbsp of rum for a about 2 hours. (Exclude this part for chocolate shortbread) 

4. Bring together all ingredients by kneading into a ball dough.

5. Roll out thin discs (dough may well be a tad sticky) if so sprinkle a little more flour to stop sticking & cut out using a small cookie cutter. 

6. place on baking tray & Use 1 of 2 baking trays needed lined with brown baking paper. 

7. BAKE! For 20 mins FAN Oven 170C until golden 
Once done remove from oven & leave to stand for 5 minutes to cool then place immediately onto a baking tray to cool completely.

Finishing touches:

spoon or pipe a small layer of buttercream on one side of 12 biscuits then sandwich together.

Dust with cocoa powder Then simply tuck in & Enjoy 

Tom x 


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