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Spice up your life Art Collection 

Today marks a very big birthday one that is for the uks biggest best & loved 90s girl band called the spice girls.

So happy 21st ladies! and still loved today as much as you where when you was still together. anyone I know was and still is a fan of the girls as a 5 piece as well as separately.

I still dance like a loon when I hear it pop up on my playlist once in a while. You’ve got to love a classic!?

So in recent days over the last week I daily dosed twitter with some very exciting new art pieces to celebrate and mark the occasion.

Waiting until today that is to reveal what the theme of each piece was all about.

Im thrilled to present My 5 piece abstract art series. Consisting of 5 prints I created to coincide with each of the spice girls.

So here they all are. The Spice up your life Abstract Art collection

I would love to know which one you like or if you love them all. I shall also be selling limited edition signed prints online as of today via my website

And here is an alternative view with each spice girl on the actual prints

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