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Getting my art mojo Back

I’m thrilled to have finally after many many years to pick up a pastel,paintbrush and Paper and start getting arty once again.

I’ve often get asked many things, some of them being Did you make that & how did you make that? Or Where did I learn it? 

Well the answer is,

I always saw myself as a child finding time to draw & stop & observe the skies as I lay on the grass in the summer & enthusiasm for art at school my baking side of me and just General flare for being creative.

They say kids go through phases as they grow up but my creative side never left me. 

Especially my love of drawing,painting,learning the keyboard (but failed to learn that) but being creative from working with my hands like woodwork, art class, music and home economics and now that I’m in my 30’s everything except the making music (except listening & loving it of course) 

has stuck with me because since I hit my teens I’ve continued to still be enthused by baking,creating my own jewellery,drawing & painting.

I still always find time to stair at the skies, admire the wild animals. I’m often found staring through the kitchen window watching the birds. unless I’m baking something delicious for family & friends that is.

so in all honestly I’m self taught and you can’t always teach certain things, you pick them up and your own unique style and talent by teaching yourself and learning as you go.

It’s literally been years since I painted or drew anything, except for when I’m designing a piece of jewellery for friends family or a customer, or a cake even like this year I made my mother a celebration cake with her favourite childhood character featured on it…

Bagpuss! but that’s another story.

but honestly it’s nice to see that I can still pick up a pencil etc and still create something be it landscape or abstract. 

My mum recently saw my art I’ve been creating for months & she saw one piece in particular she loved, so much so it was My first one I did called “hillside meadow” an original pastel painting. The first thing she said was “I’d have that on my wall, can you do me a print and sign It for me?

This is the first piece I did 

since then I’ve produced, many pieces and some lovely upcoming small collections. 

my first personal piece I created is this a pride of place George Michael print my best friends words were ” I’m having that on my wall ” 

I’ve also sold my first art print as of this month & done 2 art commissions. 

 So I’m really happy to say it’s truly great to be getting my mojo back and getting stuck into my art side once again.
Thank you for reading and please if you’d like to you can follow me on my social media platforms And see what other art pieces I’ve been making. 

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if you’d also like you can take a look at what art work I’m selling on my website to if you want to.
Tom x 


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