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Moreish Jammy Custard Dodger Fudge 

Looks like summer is finally on the horizon with longer days & lighter evenings, It’ll soon be barbecues and garden parties, with friends coming round so you’ll be wanting something delicious to tempt your guests with right? Of course you do.

I mean Who doesn’t love Jammie dodgers? I know I do but do you?

Today I really fancied something sweet for an indulgent little treat for us to tuck into tonight, so much so I decided on a never seen before attempt at Jammie custard fudge. 

Yasss! and would you believe it before I’d even got the chance to take a photos they had almost all of them gone. So i literally had to nab some to hide. 

So I warn you these are Super moreish! So Creamy Dreamy and a super treat.

It takes very little effort to make, but once it’s made you’ll be so happy you made them.

Ingredients you’ll need

1 can of condensed milk

100ml semi skimmed milk 

300g icing sugar

100g unsalted butter

2 tbsp of custard powder. 

And For later 12 Packs of crushed mini Jammie dodgers leaving few about 10 whole ones for topping.

1 x 20cm lined no stick backing pan 

Makes Around 30 Servings


1. Add all the ingredients into a heavy non stick saucepan & stir on a low heat until sugar has dissolved.

2. Keep Stirring until it starts to come to a rolling boil For around 10-15 minutes, As soon as you hit this stage use your candy thermometer (if you have one) and check it’s at approximately 118C.

3. If you don’t have a thermometer take a small amount and drop into a glass or bowl of cold water, (known as soft ball stage) Grab it and roll it into a ball If it comes together like this then its ready. it’s time to add your crushed Jammie dodgers saving some of the whole ones for topping.

6.Take off the heat & stir it continuously until it becomes really thick and just starts to set pour into your Pre lined pan. (Setting time should take around 10-15 minutes)

all that’s left to do is Simply level it out and leave to set completely.

Once cooled score and cut into one inch squares.

Then just Tuck in! 

You’re welcome and Enjoy 



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