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Full of Festive fun Christmas Fruit cake & recipe 

 Last week Renshaw baking UK challenged me to create a Christmassy themed bake, which I accepted.

A time for “togetherness” is my mini christmas Theme cake.

A family of robins 2 of made from coloured Marzipan.

Ingredients needed

125g home pride plain flour

115g stork butter 

115g brown sugar 

1oog of mixed fruit 

1 tsp & a half of baking powder. (Only used to gain more height) 

1 Tsp of mixed spice.

40g  of halved walnuts crushed (optional)


Cream the butter & sugar together till soft

Pre whisk & add the eggs & stir in 

then Sieve the flour & baking powder into the bowl add the mixed fruit & spice

fold in till completly mixed.

spoon micture into the tin 


Preheat oven fan assisted to 160c for 50 minutes

Then bake for another 20 minutes at 120c until a tooth pick or knife comes out clear.

You’ll need a 6 inch round cake tin. Lined with brown paper for inside of cake tin.

Once baked leave to cool for 5 minutes in the tin 

Then remove tin & peel paper away carefully & leave to cool on a cooling rack.

Once cooled cover cake in a light layer of apricot jam 

roll out your Marzipan to about quarter inch thick checking it’ll cover the cake you’ll need about half a pack maybe more to cover a 6 inch round cake.

For decoration purposes 
You’ll need 1 pack block of Renshaw White marzipan to make all your figures which is what I used 

I then coloured my Renshaw marzipan with all my Desired colours, Or you can use Renshaw fondant icing. It took a lot more time but gives the same effect.


If you want to use Renshaw fondant packs you’ll need the following colours 


Cake Serves 4 portions.

& Here’s the cake. 

I finished my cake off with a white & blue lustre & a sprinkling of coconut for snow followed by all my decorations.


 If you liked my bake Then please vote for my cake on renshaw’s Facebook page & Renshaws Twitter feed here Renshawbaking  please also share & you could also win a bundle of goodies from them too don’t forget to tag a friend also as they also are in with a chance of winning a baking bundle of goodies & supermarket voucher.
You can also like my post over on Twitter here @icedrainbow

Many thanks for popping by & happy Christmas to you all 



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