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Delicious Chunky Spiced chocolate snowball cookies 

It’s that time of year again, festive fun themed baking to gift shopping & spreading a little joy and happiness with family and friends. 

This year I decided to bake some fabulous crisp crumbly winter warming cookies.
I halfed my recipe to make around (12 cookies)


40g of cocoa powder 

125g of plain flour homepride

1 medium egg yolk 

125g of (stork butter)

75g of caster sugar 

1 tsp of mixed spice 


Desiccated coconut 


Cream The butter and sugar together in a bowl till white & creamy

Add the egg yolk & mix 

then finally add sieved flour & Cocoa powder & mixed spice 

Fold in gently until fully combined 

once combined, lay out cling film on the world top and spoon onto it, wrap & roll slightly to make a sausage shape of cookie dough. 

wrap & put it in the fridge for 1 & and half hours.

after this time It’ll still be slightly soft but don’t worry, unwrap slice it about half in thick & place on a lined baking tray side by side.
Baking Time

Bake for 40-45 minutes 

Fan assisted oven 120c

transfer to cooling rack after 5 mins of cooling

leave to cool complete & voila crisp crumbly ready to decorate cookies.

Pour coconut onto a plate 

Spoon out about 5 tbsp of Nutella into a bowl & stir till soft & spreadable 

use a butter knife & pick up each Cookie spread on the Nutella & then place on top of the plate of coconut (repeat this with the rest of your cookies)
sit back relax & enjoy, you could even make some for festive treat gifts.


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