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Chocolate & charm for Christmas

We’ve all seen the many kinds of adventurous tempting advent calendars each year, with ones with beauty products,jewellery,chocolates amongst others.

& So this year,

I decided although back in summer I created the idea but (quite late) I might add, to launch my own style of advent calendar.

One with Chocolates & charm, A Christmas tree with themes advent calendar, one that provides a little chocolate treat & a little charm throughout the month of December.

The themes I created are as follows 

Geeky with a mixture of things from pacman charms ,the joker, harleyquinn,walking dead & many others (Now Sold)

Next up I created ( a Baking Theme

From charming cupcake studs, our very popular star baker keyring,tea & coffee cups & macaron to name a few

The 3rd theme was  “animal lover” a mixture of owl birds fox,hedgehog & other charming animals.

& lastly the 4th one. ( pick & mixture

This one sold before I got a chance to snap any photos, but you get the idea from the 3 featured above.

Being so close to December I only made 1 of each themed advent, all of which contains a mixture of 24 charms & little chocolates hanging from a wooden tree I also made.

so there you have it our first ever mixed combo Christmas advent calendars. Currently we have 2 of the 4 left & your welcome to take a look if you like.

themes left are the Baking & Animal lover. Be quick if you want one as they aren’t lasting long. 

This is my website
Thank you for reading &  please feel free to tell us what you think by leaving any comments below.



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