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Devilishly delicious fondant fancies 

Last week was patisserie week on gbbo & thought I’d try my hand at messy fondant fancies. 

I even spooked them up a little for Halloween. (Which was in fact an after thought)


So I went for ghoulish green (poisoned apple & cinnamon) & Bloody red Raspberry Bakewells (my mixture makes around 6/8 
You’ll need 2 separate bowls 

A Baking tray lined & greased 

Icing sugar & butter 

I coloured my icing using green & red food colouring for this step.

buttercream I used 

75g butter 

175 of icing sugar

set aside in the fridge covered till later.
for the poisoned apple buttercream flavouring 

Separate half of the buttercream mixture into the 2nd bowl & add the following 

I used a tbsp of concentrated apple juice & 1 tsp of cinnamon 

Stir in well & cover and set aside for later. 

For the bloody red raspberry Bakewell almond buttercream 

I used 2 tsp of almond essence

& stirred until mixed recovered and set aside also for later.

for the sponge 

I Used this dr oetker recipe for the sponge found here

I then lined a shallow baking tray & greased then baked for around 25 mins.

Once baked & cooled for around 5 minutes turn out onto cooling rack & allow to cool for a further 10 mins or so before removing the baking paper off the bottom.

Once completely cooled cut equal squares.

Set aside 3/4 top sponges & make holes in the centre of each one ( this is for the raspberry jam filling later) 

Now that you’ve prepared everything for your fondant fancies.

Grab your sponge squares & lay on a baking sheet & apply a thin layer of each buttercream flavour To each one.

Once applied add the 2nd sponge square on top of each one (including the ones you made holes in earlier)

once that’s done (add the raspberry jam into each of the ones with holes, then apply another careful layer of buttercream on top of that.

Once applied use the remaining buttercream mixtures to cover & coat each cube of sponges. (Don’t forget to add a little dome of buttercream in the middle on top of each one)


once that’s done make your mixture of icing 

for the fondant icing

Add equal amounts of icing sugar or fondant icing to a bowl & drop by drop add water & stir along with food colour to each bowl & stir until thick but reasonable enough to spoon out & pour over.

once each fancy has been coated in icing transfer to a tray & pop them In the fridge to set.

for decoration 

I used a Lakeland chocolate leaves mould & gold lustre for my apple fancies 

For the rasberry Bakewell I didn’t use any extra decoration (you can drizzle melted chocolate if you prefer)

All that’s left to do is refrigerate until you want to enjoy them 


have one with a Cuppa straight away after all your hard messy work putting them Together. 


If you much rather buy them instead of making them (feel free) but you won’t get these exceedingly delicious devilish flavours in a fancy from the shops.

Mmm Mm




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