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A happy baking accident (frangicakewell bars) Recipe

This week I was making an attempt at an almond cake & accidentally added the wrong mixture of ingredients But…. it turned out to be a very happy baking accident 

My frangicakewell bars


Ingredients used:
90g  Sugar

90g of unsalted butter 

100g of ground almonds

55ml of almond milk or any milk you like

90g of self raising flour homepride


Cream sugar & butter until white & creamy 

Add the milk whisk it up (to make it vegan & use almond milk)

Then Sieve the flour & fold in until combined & blended.

Spoon in to a lined shallow & greased tray. 
Bake at 160c fan for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown but firm.

Cool for 10 minutes & then turn out onto baking tray remove paper if possible & leave to cool completely.

Once cooled slice into rectangles approximately 10 & sandwich together with jam.

Voila! Makes 5 delicous frangicakewell slices.



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