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My blooming Botanical Orange Rose blossom Cake

Now I usually don’t do or have much time for baking but last week, I challenged myself to my first ever Full on decorated single tier 2 layer chocolate sponge cake.

It took me 2 days in total to create the decoration,bake the sponge & decorate the cake.

I started off  with prepping the decoration, using marzipan & colouring for both the Rose & the leaves.  

I wanted to test myself & go for the Great British bake off botanical week showstopper, I wanted something small & not as big as the 3 tier cake they did. 

I went with a moist chocolate sponge recipe perfect for my 5 inch round by 2 inches deep tin & the Dr oetker chocolate cake recipe (the only one I could find for my bake) which was the best for me found here: Dr oetker chocolate butterfly layer cake 

A TIP if you want to cool your cake & decorate the same day, I cooled on a rack for about an hour, as it was still a tiny bit warm. I placed it in the fridge to completly chill before piping for around 20 minutes, Then leave on the side covered till it has come back to room temperature. 

For the buttercream:

I used a natural orange oil to flavour some homemade buttercream,

100g stork butter  

200g of icing sugar

I then added some orange colouring to half of the buttercream 

For the filling I used some of my pale butter cream & a couple of tablespoons of strawberry jam.

The final result once I’d put it all together was quite something my Large orange blossom rose finished the cake off beautifully. 

The reason for this post was to show that if your keen to create or give something a try then challenge yourself, Encourage others & encourage yourself to do it. believe that you can & you will. 
Being a designer of jewellery & other accessories brought out the creative in me to make this cake. like most things if you take your time & don’t rush anything you too could make something lovely.

Well Thank you for reading 

All my best 

Tom X 

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