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Truly Delicious Chocolate Bakewell tart Recipe

It’s pastry week this week on Great British Bake off.

Much to my delight I need no excuse to bake my all time favourite The Bakewell tart.

This weekend after a full on week of work, I decided as some of the family was coming down to visit. I’d bake them my favourite & also my families a ritual I do everytime they come for dinner.

I decided to go for a delicious hint of chocolate iced topping glaze this time round, A Thin Strawberry seedless bottom layer jam filling & wholesome tasty frangipane filling, with crumbly biscuity shortcrust case.

I’ve been dubbed “Icey” by my fellow followers on Twitter & cake keeper by my family, because I’ve always got a cake made & stored to my partners surprise for an evening treat after tea.


so for the pastry I used.

300g plain flour

200g Butter

100g caster sugar 

Rub together butter & flour until it resembles crumble mixture.


Add the sugar & rub a little more & bind together to make a firm shortcrust pastry dough.

Set aside in the fridge for 15 minutes wrapped in cling film until your ready to use. To chill the dough as the bitter will have time to cool down. 

Once ready for the dough roll out & line the pastry case, then use a fork to prick the bottom base lightly & bake blind by adding greaseproof paper on top with baking beads for 15 minutes or so. (Preheated oven 170c for around 15 minutes)

Once baked leave to cool for 10 minutes 

Once cooled add a thin Later of jam of your choice I used strawberry seedless jam.

This makes roughly 1 large tart pastry case about 11 inches round. 

(Any left over pastry just make some shortbread with it on low 170c for about 15-20 mins) 


My frangipane filling 

50g of sugar

60g butter I used flora light 

60g ground almonds

50g of plain flour

Mix the butter,almond essence & sugar together until creamy & Then add the flour (always add the flour last)


Chocolate icing glaze

Approx 100g of icing sugar 

2 tbsp of cocoa powder 

& 4 tbsp of water 

you want a thickish mixture but enough so it’s pourable but not too runny. 


sit back relax with a Cuppa & a slice or 2. 

Best enjoyed when you bake the day/evening before as cake always tast better the next day.



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