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Oh so moreish Basic Madeira Cake Recipe

It was bake off batter week this week & this time last year I baked some delicious homemade madeira cupcakes.

Both Apple & cinnamon & golden colour swirl cupcakes.

Firstly Preheat fan assisted oven to 140c 

Madeira cake batter Ingredients 

150g stork butter softened

150g caster sugar

3 eggs

150g self raising flour

Cream butter & sugar together until soft & creamy

Add a touch of vanilla OR almond flavouring plus the eggs & whisk a little 

Then gradually add sieved flour until thoroughly mixed 

spoon equally into cupcake muffin cases or lined or lightly greased cake tins 

Baking time for cupcakes 25-30 minutes OR 40 minutes for 2 x 7″ shallow sandwich tins.

This will make Approximately 12 cupcakes Or 1 large Basic 7″ Madeira sandwich cake 

for the apple filled cupcakes I used

2 apples

2 tbsp of cinnamon 

Apple filling Method

heated to a pulp in a pan till soft & slightly smooth, then placed a spoonful into the centre of each cupcake before baking. 

For The colour swirl cupcakes I simply used natural food colouring.


Baking time: Approximately 15-18 minutes or until golden brown 

Once baked leave to cool completely before decorating or icing.

& if you haven’t got time then you could always do the Apple filling at home & use a Wrights baking Madeira cake mix

Enjoy & thank you for reading.

Tom x

Ps please feel free to comment if you have made this recipe & how it was for you. 


4 thoughts on “Oh so moreish Basic Madeira Cake Recipe

    1. Thank you yes I used Beetroot juice for the red & mint leaves to get get the colouring to make a syrup paste to achieve the green


    1. Hi Sammie Approximate weight of a medium egg is usually 50-60g so I’d say roughly 150ml of milk or perhaps half milk half water if you prefer


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