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Here come The Girls

it’s not everyday a cake gets to be centre stage but this deserves a blog post of its own.

About a week I was asked to collaborate with a wonderful baker called Becky on a fabulous cake.

So, she emailed me to say she was doing a cake & asked if I could create the cake topper for none other than the opening of “The Girls” comedy musical based on “The calender girls” written by Top singer & singer Gary Barlow & Tim firth (which opens today) in Phoenix theatre.

Becky is not only a wonderful baker but her husband’s auntie is one of the original calender girls. Yes you heard that right
Becky not only created the amazing cake, but she also had a photographer friend “Birgit Mons” to take some wonderful photo’s too.

To say I was excited to have been apart of such a lovely commission is an understatement & It’s not ever day you get to collaborate on a west end musical cake commission.

& here it is in all its glory! 

 Isn’t it it just “absolutely fantastic” as gary Barlow would say


Becks’s attention to detail & life like flowers, not to mention the sheer amount of effort she’s put into this stunning cake. Is incredible. Don’t you think? 


It’s Topped with The Girls bright yellow logo cake topper that I made alongside the model & flowers that took centre stage on top of this magnificent cake.

Becky really did work her master of cake magic on such a wonderful showstopper for such a wonderful event, her friend Birgit done a fantastic job too taking the photos to really show the cake off. 

You can find all of us here that took part in (links provided)

Becky the cake maker 

Follow Becky on her Twitter @becksbakes You can also find Her blog here Becksbakes

Photography by Birgit mons photography for the wonderful photos.

& finally 

if you’d like to commission me for a very special cake topper of your own you can find my website here or follow me on Twitter @icedrainbow fine me on Facebook Icedrainbow or email me.


One thought on “Here come The Girls

  1. Tom you are so lovely – such kind words – you have done me proud with this topper such short notice and it was just perfect. Tim Furth and David Pugh ( the producer ) both loved the cake and especially the topper which matches the new The Girls logo perfectly ! To even took his own photo and hopefully we will be asked back for the actually first night !! Becky

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