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Great british bake off returns 

Bake off is back soon with its 7th series.

Yes Mary we quite agree it’s so exciting.
with days before it starts, The bake off team have just dropped who the bakers are that will be on this years series  

they all look like a brilliant bunch as always, who knows what disasters will happen this year (but it’s all good fun) We really can’t wait to see those creations they make in the tent.

Not to mention we just can’t get enough of those puns that get us all rolling with laughter but let’s face it, bake off has certainly got even more people baking since it began.

Its a guilty pleasure for some & you certainly can’t watch it without having some form of bake or treat while you watch  those tense moments


of course who’ll be that weeks…. 


So what you waiting for! get ready set to bake & if you’d like some baking accessories inspiration, feel free to take a look at our range of quirky baking kitchen & showtopping cake toppers. 
Here’s just a few for you to feast your eyes on 

Which can be found here

We’ve even slashed all our baking cake accessories by 10% just for you 

Thanks for reading & happy baking


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