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A Wright boozy Treat

A tasteful classy twist to a delicious miniature cake bake, 

My Miniature Layer Rum & raisin Wright Chocolate sponge cake.  
A rummy idea for National rum day & what better way than with this rum & raisin Mini chocolate cake. 


A Delicious cake with chocolate sponge layers sandwiched in the middle with Chocolate buttercream & covered with chocolate icing Topped with Seedless raisins.


A Wright good idea if your thinking of making a boozy chocolate cake & the taste the flavour & the enjoyment is delish.

To make a larger one of these: 

simply use 2 large shots of rum (soak the raisins overnight in a bowl)

200-250g of seedless raisins (set aside some extra for topping later)

1 whole pack of wrights chocolate cake mix (see instructions on the pack)

For the buttercream icing in the middle use the icing pack provided & follow the instructions on the box. 

for the outer covering I used chocolate icing sugar & water to make a very thick cake covering.

& if your feeling super peckish why not make a tray bake & do the exact same as above or with wrights chocolate fudge cake mix & treat yourself to these too below.

Bake devour & Enjoy

Tom X


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