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Raisin a glass to Rum Review With No bake Treat 

A few months ago I found through Twitter a Cornish creation called….

Dead mans fingers rum 


A dark silky smooth & delicious flavoursome rum & the smell of zesty orange notes is quite frankly amazing!  the depth of flavour & taste is incredible for such a fine bottle of Rum.

“Thee best rum we’ve ever tasted”

So when it arrived on my doorstep boxed & packed with lots of care, Needless to say I’ve decided to not just review this wonderful golden orange silky Rum, I decide to bake something with it too. 

Forget the Caribbean! Far to expensive to travel to anyway. Now Cornwall on the other hand Those gorgeous beaches beautfiul scenery & now a tasty Cornish Made creation that is this Rum.

So Me harty’s lets be Raisin a Glass to Rum with my 

(No bake Rum & raisin crisp finger bites)

Simply soak 1 shot full glass of Rum into about 100g of Seedless raisins (for 24 hours)


Now whilst they are soaking overnight 

Relax & Enjoy a glass of either of these below the evening before, whilst you wait for the raisins to soak. Hic! 

I call it the “Cornish sunrise” Cocktail for the ladies:

Simple & tasty using Orange juice & one shot of dark dead mans fingers rum 


Perhaps Try What I’d like to call “Rough seas” Rum on the Cornish rocks
Ok now the morning after or afternoon after the night before if you haven’t sunken to many glasses.
You’ll need the following 

1x grease proof lined or cling film baking tray 

1x Pyrex dish 

1x pot of boiling water


200g of chocolate 

150g of crispies 

150g of seedless raisins 

1 shot glass full of rum 


in a bain Marie style pop half a pot of boiling water from the kettle (don’t let it boil turn of just before to save energy & money) & Use a heatproof dish (in my case) Pyrex dish on top of the pot make sure the boiling water doesn’t touch the bottom of the dish.

Now add 200g of dark or milk chocolate any kind will do (I used dark chocolate to go with this rum) 

stir chocolate (no tempering required) until it starts to melt. 


once half way through melting take the dish full of chocolate off the pot of boiling water, keep stiring till all the chocolate has melted. 

if it hasn’t pop it back on the pot over the water & keep stirring to get some more heat into the dish.

Once melted

Add in your crispies cereal into the chocolate & the soaked raisins you did last night 

Stir in well & pour onto your lined baking tray (no baking required) 

flatten & spread out in the tray & pop it in the fridge to set for around 30 minutes 

Once set, cut into squares, fingers or bars & enjoy. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post & please do pop by & giving dead mans fingers rum. A Follow on Twitter  Deadmansfingers rum 

& You can also buy the rum featured from various places online too.

Until the next rummy post appears enjoy me harty’s 


One thought on “Raisin a glass to Rum Review With No bake Treat 

  1. Ooh these look absolutely delicious. A great adult treat, especially at kiddies parties with all their hype! Love these and glad you got a fabulous bottle of rum to match your tea shirt. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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