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A Wright Treat 

A Wright easy Treat.

I love a nice treat or 2 once in while but then…. Don’t we all right? 

Wrights baking recently revealed a new toffee cookie mix, now if your like me & don’t have much time for baking & still fancy a treat, then A Wright Good Mix from wrights baking is what you’ll want. 

I received a lovely parcel with 3 mixes to try out, 2 of which i’ve used so far to make 2 simple easy treats.

The first was my Caramel & strawberry slice topped brownies & muffins wrights baking chocolate fudge cake mix, along with a lovely jar of caramel biscuit spread & fresh home grown strawberries.

This mix is really easy & simple to use for someone who wants to make the perfect brownie or muffin. 

It’s as good as it would if you mixed it all up yourself but when your always busy & don’t make enough time to bake from scratch it’s the perfect thing to buy.
& here is the result of just a little time in the kitchen 

 caramel strawberry slice Chocolate fudge brownies 

Summer Strawberry slice & caramel chocolate fudge brownies   

My second easy bake mix was the Brand new Toffee cookie mix. 

I couldn’t fault this mix (although rather sweet already & having to add a tad more water) but so quick to mix up & make. A wright yummy cookie mix 

i made gooey chocolate centres ones with my mix & got 9 cookies in all out of it. I used Hazelnut chocolate spread for the chocolate centres. 

first mixed it up & made 9 largish balls of dough (not much dough from 1 bag for many cookies, but then again you don’t need much) I rolled out slightly to put on a baking tray,  & then rolled out 9 smaller balls to roll out & go on top

I then took my jar of spread & added a generous spoonful in the middle of each one, I took the 9 smaller rolled out dough discs & placed each one on top over the chocolate spread,

then sealed it on top of the bigger discs, going round with my fingers to merge both dough discs together Ready to pop in the already preheated oven. (All instructions are on back of the packet. 

This was the result.



Thank you for reading you can follow me on Twitter @icedrainbow where I share not just my work but also other bakes I like to make too.

Please do also feel free to check out Wright flour website for lots of other different mixes recipes & more.

You can also Follow them on Twitter @wrightsbaking


One thought on “A Wright Treat 

  1. I love your stuffed cookies, such a brilliant idea. I too have found I need to add double the quantity of liquid stated on the packet, but boy are there toffe cookies good.
    Your cupcakes and brownies look all the more special for using HOMEGROWN fruit! Brilliant post and fantastic bakes. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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