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A Wild Knight To Remember 

In the beautiful east of England there’s a lovely place called Norfolk with broads you’ll adore with wildlife galore & a countryside of beauty, but blossoming among the fields of barley is a clean crisp clear golden nectar made from these golden fields of barley undiscovered until now. 

A Wild knight has risen and given us the most purest English premium vodka called “wild Knight” & a few months ago I came across this wonderful brand, who make this fine vodka I believe that I’ve tasted since well…. since forever as I’ve never tasted vodka like it. 

Fine vodka deserves a fine cut glass  to drink it from   

A drink in my honest opinion best served long with a small amount of quality lemonade perhaps & sipped slowly savouring every sip, With soft subtle sweet & crisp taste. 

Upon opening this fine knights sword embellished shield crested bottle the subtle hint is there of that barley used to produce its contents, unlike other vodka’s that just smell potent & strong. This spirit is one you just can’t not enjoy with it’s classy look it’s sophisticated taste & most importantly no hangover which means good quality (unless your someone who drinks alot of it) this however is one that needs to be enjoyed to appreciate the taste of a British UK crafted spirit. I for one shall most definitely be getting myself a bigger bottle. (Photos show a sample bottle enough for one quality measure)

to find out more about them & the Story behind them, also where to buy it you can go to there website below.
Or find them on Twitter @wildknightvodka


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