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Capturing the moment

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely customer, who revealed her son & girlfriend had just got engaged & that she wanted me to create an engagement keepsake cake topper. 

Once I was given all the details of how and where the proposal took place, i immediately knew how & what to create.

The proposal took place on a pebbled beach with bobble hats & coats on on a very cold day (you can see the detail just on the 2nd photo) So with that in mind & revealed just yesterday the cake & topper in all its glory was unveiled. 

(The comments that followed were overwhelming but then…. Who doesn’t make a fuss over a picture of a beautifully decorated cake & marking a specific occasion to make it even more special.

& Here it is 



To be part of such a joyful happy occasion is wonderful, be it only a cake topper it’s a special kind of keepsake that will be framed (so I’ve been told) & that there was tears too. 

It’s the first engagement topper I’ve made (which I’m not ashamed to say) but every time I have a customer contact me to create them something special it makes the job that I do everyday even more enjoyable. 

No matter what kind of item it is I’m asked to make it’s even better when the customer gets involved in such a thing. 

So thank you for reading & if you’ve got a special event,birthday,wedding etc coming up then, Let me create it for you & I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you 

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One thought on “Capturing the moment

  1. I love this topper. It perfectly captures the moment he proposed. Thank you for not only creating my nephew’s engagement bunting, but more recently our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Your eye for design, detail and capturing what each customer wants is breath taking. X

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