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Plastic Fantastic

Someone said to me the other day not a criticism as such but they said “not those things made of plastic”

To me & many others its not just plastic its art A fun & quirky piece of art too. No matter how simple or detailed it is,
Like Each an every piece I make I put my heart & soul into it & Perspex is one material I love to work with, which is why nowadays as beaded jewellery is so easily obtained it can be hard to stand out from the crowd but that’s not to say that I don’t like to work with beads every once in a while.

However…. working with perspex i find its not only fun but easier & a better way of showing off my creative side. This way it makes making jewellery & many other things more fun versatile & Unique.

The other thing I love is the fact that I’m not just the designer you are too, as I’ve had a lot of people request very interesting & lovely creations over the years & I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to create something no matter how simple or elaborate the design is.

I just love Being able to have the ability to bring ideas creations & thoughts to life, as a creative artist I like to show my creativity & inspire others to look at something I’ve made & tell me no matter how crazy it might seem or thought they’ve had to then ask me to make them what they would like.

A bespoke piece to me is more precious & believe me I’ve done quite a few for many lovely people & I truly love what I’ve created for them. So if you’d love something plastic fantastic then please do get in touch.
Best of for the start of January 2016 here’s a selection of latest new designs to hit the website as well as a few of the first commissions I’ve done of the year so far (keepsake cake toppers & the personalised keyring)


Many many thanks for reading & if you’d like to you can follow me on
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