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Holy macarona! Bake off is back

Bake off is back & I’m a little excited for the new series & so are many many others on social media so its seems.

Who doesn’t love there yearly fix of bake off & hearing the silver fox of baking & The lovely Mary berry not mention Mel & Sue with those funny innuendos.

Its not just any baking show though its thee baking show to watch,
Some even find it a guilty pleasure.

Everyone’s talking about it from your friends your mother, to your sister & your aunty, Holy Macarona! even your nan & local shop assistants are taking about it.
(Just today I nearly burst my ear drum when the lady who served me screeched oh Yes! when I said bake off is back? You watching. Haha

Anyway though So much so its got me In the mood to do yet more baking, but hey! who needs an excuse to bake right?


Not only is the Great british bake off back but I’ve also got these delightful food & drink related goodies for you too feast your eyes on.

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