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From pluto with love

Its been a few weeks now since we discovered & got our first ever glimpse of pluto with Nasa’s successful Pluto flyby.

To celebrate this, one week later after the first images came through.
I designed my own interpretation of the planet with this Cutified version of pluto with its hugged heart detail.

(This version is now officially available online as of last week)


The furthest planet in our solar system & for all of us space & science geeks, what better way to celebrate the completion of our solar system than with one of my Brand New Pluto Charm Necklaces.

Some of you may not know but the holding heart symbolises Friendship & love so I’ve also created a 2 in one necklace for you & your best friend.


I’d love to know what you guys all think? So please feel free to tweet me or comment below.

Thank you for looking.

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