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Everything’s gonna be isle wight


My festival experience

First day: early morning ferry lack of sleep, 3 of us ready for the long drive to Portsmouth that day. smooth sailing only to arrive by 8.30 parked the car & walked to the area we queued at until it was time to go in.

We all sat patiently waiting & by 12pm We made the long walk towards the campsite going through several arched walkways along the way,
to finally reach after a super hot sunny trek to our base To reach the camp & discover where we’d be staying for the next 4 days was a great site to see.

We got to our tent set down our bags & collapsed in a heap. A short while later…… After we rested a bit, We went off to explore our posh new camp site.

on site showers toilets food & drink stalls & a beauty tent including taps to fill up with fresh clean water hot or cold.

The tiredness was setting in by late evening ub40 was on the bill in the big top that night but being too exhausted, we headed back to our tent for an early(ish) night.

Day 2 & the journey throughout the weekend begins. Waking up in a tent ready to explore more of the festival grounds not that much exploring got done,
as we ended up drinking cider for most of the day until mid afternoon when we eventually ventured out.

It was one fun packed weekend particular acts throughout the whole time we was there that we wanted to see included:
Fleetwood mac
you me at six
black keys
Kool & the gang
James bay
Paolo nutini
jess glynne who was sadly not able to attend due to illness but her set was filled with the A-mazing Ella eyre,
to which my other half came over & told me whilst I had food in my hands & I Nearly drop it all in excitement Haha.

Both Ella eyre & james bay we got to stand right at the front of the main stage, what with so much to see & do you just have to go to these things to experience it for yourself.

So much food,cider, & laughs where had
We came we saw, the sun shone & it rained & poured on the day the prodigy was playing but…….
we laughed we cried some of it a blur, an overwhelming first time at one amazing atmospheric festival.

Enjoyable fun everyone having a ball, peaceful laid back vibes with everyone having the time of there lives. Such a friendly

Only a few pointers and tips for first time festival goers would be
Wear suitable clothing & footwear for the weather on day of arrival ( to give you comfort on your very long walk to the campsite)
pack (only) what clothing your going to need for your stay & spare in case of getting drenched.
food & drink wise: Pringles,cereal bars,flask,sweets & cider lots of cider (or what ever you prefer)

(huge Tip) for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on drinks like cider inside the arena areas. take with you (in plastic bottles only) your choice of tipple. If you prefer to carry a ruck sack with your tipple in then do so it’ll save you a lot of money & you can still enjoy yourself.

Stay away from certain foods as none of the toilets weren’t to kind on day 3 as more & more people seemed to be trying food that obviously didn’t agree with them. (That’s just my personal opinion) not that of anyone else’s.

The overall 4 days was a blast a truly brilliant time was had, the fact 3 of us went to the Isle of Wight festival for the first time but for 2 of us it was our very first ever festival.

The overall buzz from the whole festival grounds from the people around us was so cheery happy & a joy to experience. One we won’t forget for sure.

I could go on forever but this is truly just a brief snippet of how & what it was like to experience such a thing as a festival.

FINAL THOUGHT: You truly do appreciate music even more when you see it live. I tell you now the atmosphere when fleetwood mac was on Wow!

If you ever get the chance to go to a festival the Isle of Wight festival is surely one not I be missed.






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