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Drizzle me shake me anyway you want me


A few months ago I came across a new brand called peanut hottie.

I think every personal trainer,fitness expert,to the general public will have heard of them by now especially as they are already stocked in various shops & supermarkets. (Please see below for details & price)

Anyhoo I’d been following them for a while on twitter & the sheer delight of getting the opportunity to try before I buy was just fab! (not that I need an excuse to buy anything peanut butter related)

So basically I received my package of hot drink peanut powder & within a few days bought some tasty raspberry ripple ice cream to shake it up into a delicious iced cold Peanut hottie Mc nutty milkshake.
(Yes I did just make that up) but oh what a creamy dreamy fruity nutty milkshake it was.

I used:
A dash of milk about half a cup(ish)
6 large scoops of icecream
1 heaped tablespoon of peanut hottie

This made one very thick peanutty flavoured icecream milkshake.
I’ve had at least 3 or 4 since having the yummy tub of goodness.

as much as I enjoy eating ice cream on a hot summers day I also enjoy cooking ( a can cook won’t cook kinda guy. sometimes mind ) But…. I didn’t get any photos at the time (I will next time) I made a delicious thick peanut hottie drizzle the other day to go over my rice & chicken dinner.

I believe it was about 3 teaspoons & very little hot water to make the thick sticky sweet drizzle. Also doubles as a nice thick dip for strawberries too.

I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction to this lovely independent brand & would love to hear what nutty creations & things you’ve created with this magic powder.

Thank you so much for reading & if you like my post please do share & follow my blog. Thank you 🙂

Don’t forget to Give them a follow on twitter
@peanuthottie & check out there website.

Here’s is a list of where Peanut hottie is stocked:
RRP is ÂŁ2.99 and stockists are as follows
Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Booths and Tesco stores




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