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A Popping Success! Thomas Tucker’s popcorn


Well where do I start… A few weeks ago now I found this company on twitter…. (As you do) & to my delight they did an amazing range of brand new popcorn & I love both Sweet & savoury snacks.

So… when I got the opportunity to taste test this new brand I’d come across I just couldn’t wait to try there tasty treats, to my surprise 3 big bags & 2 small ones arrived the other week.

(cue Maroon 5 song) “sugar Yes please”. These 5 scrummy bags just screamed eat me But…… My First dilemma was what to try first, Decisions decisions.

Later on that day we First tried the Coconut toffee
both me & my partner Agreed this was the best toffee popcorn we’d ever had which has a very nice creamy & sweet taste. (like a bounty without the chocolate)

A few hours later……

Yes we opened another bag haha

We chose the chilli lemon popcorn – we couldn’t really taste any lemon but…… that didn’t matter as it was still A very nice flavour & change to any ordinary popcorn. The chilli really did have a kick with a slight sweet after taste which was nice.

Day 2 we went for an evening choice of the Smoked cheddar cheese
– this one divided the 2 of us but as I was the only one that liked them but a nice flavour & not too cheesy, but an all round tasty savoury flavour.

Summer fruits toffee – A Beautifully balanced a deliciously sweet Strawberry & cherry toffee flavour coating (perfect for those with a sweet tooth)

Day 3 yes 3 days before they all disappeared The final bag was the Sugar & salt popcorn – A well balanced sweet & savour taste

We both chose are absolute favourites which are, The summer fruits & coconut.

Some of these flavours are just to good to share! But if you ever get the chance to try them yourself do, you won’t regret it!

I’m also pleased to share they are opening up an online store so you can buy them & get them delivered to your door perfect for that movie night in on a Friday or Saturday evening.




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