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Fully loaded Double choc cookies & cream Oreo cupcakes

Your probably thinking oh no not another oreo cupcake recipe but wait…. We all like to make bake & create in our own different way.


So…. if your like me & you enjoy a quick easy indulgent moment like a moist cupcake with a cup of tea or coffee, Than my tasty chocolatey home baked oreo cupcakes might just do the trick.

ingredients you’ll need:
1 & a half cups of flour Self raising ( use extra if needed)
1 cup of sugar (use less if preferred)
60g butter
Half cup of light olive oil ( as its healthier & don’t use the early crop kind Ie extra virgin)
Half cup of cocoa powder (Or 1 cup of quality drinking chocolate)
1 pack of Oreos (more if preferred & leave a couple to sprinkle on before baking)
1 cup of milk
1 egg (if preferred & for no egg just add a little more milk or oil)

Add sugar & butter cream together well
Then add the milk oil & egg Mix well
add the sieved flour,cocoa powder & crushed Oreos.

Stir well You should be left with a smooth moist no lumps except the Oreos mixture.
If you don’t eat the Oreos first (leave a few behind to sprinkle on the cupcakes before baking)

You want a smooth moist mixture not too wet nor too dry
But keep an eye on the cupcakes too and use a skewer to Check the centre to see if batter is still moist or not to determine if baked.

Bake in a (pre heated oven) for 15-20 minutes at 180C for fan assisted
Mixture should Make 16-20 cupcakes.



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