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Spring has sprung

Its officially the start of spring
as the sun gets higher & each day gets warmer, the first Flowers starting to appear & The birds are singing in the skies & building there nests.

A fairly mild winter for some,
but what has now been broken by the solar eclipse
(for those who got to see it) & it being the spring equinox officially marking the first day of spring.

We can truly say hip hip hurray!
The days & daylight is slowly getting longer.
Its time to pack away those winter clothes & start stocking up & getting out those spring summer clothes.

As we all Prepare to Flourish & be creative This season, with all our own unique street style’s & the buzz of Who’ll be wearing what.

This year we’ve gone all out too, to help you style your wears with Some fantastic Accessories.
On Tuesday I launched my 3rd & final ss15 collection “Flare & Flourish”
with a seventies on trend vibe & many other designs from pops of colour to Floral & Monochrome.

So here’s just some of what I have to offer:
Do feel free to pop by the website and take a look at the new collections
I’d also love to hear what your favourite is & what you’ll be going for this season.

Shop the new collections on our website:





Many thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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