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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air we can almost smell it,
The birds are singing the sun is teasing. Its been a long few months with all the designing finalising all the pieces, but…. Its nearly time to share it all with you.
It takes a lot of hard work an effort to create what we have & hope you’ll all enjoy and like what you see.


We’re excited to show you all just some of the New designs & to share the rest of what we have made which will be unleashed very soon. (Some have already been tweeted posted on instagram to name just 2 ) but whether it be Bold bright dainty floral, or retro your going for.

This year we’ve got a real eclectic abundance of designs for you to admire adore & wear this spring summer, from tasty treats to flowers & pops of rainbow colours but we even have some Quant Essential Monochrome pieces too.

Here’s a few of whats on offer to tickle your taste buds. 2 collections will be out this Friday. We’d love to know what you all think so please do drop by our twitter facebook and instagram (links to all will be available at the bottom of the post.

Well holy Macaroons!
we have a rainbow of multi coloured tasty treats here.
Tweet us or find us on facebook to tell us your favourite colour?
(These will be out on Friday 27th) along with some more desirable designs.



We have many more designs to come so keep a look out on our feeds & website.

Twitter : @icedrainbow
Instagram icedrainbow
Facebook icedrainbow

Just for good measure we added some dainty new Fun & quirky updated & new pieces to the website already so here’s a few to show you what’s already online.





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