a poptail recipe for success

Well………. Where do I begin.

A scrummy packaged arrived last week with the most colourful & tasty alcohol infused cake pops! Made by @popkakery There aptly called #poptails, there Brand New latest range of cakepops.



To say tasty is an understatement, they where so flavoursome & yummy you can eat a least 2 before you’ve had enough, Each one is made with a gluten free silky smooth tasty cake & Coated in chocolate.

I first tried the piña colada
which has coconut pieces white chocolate coated & infused with white rum

The 2nd was a mouth watering strawberry chocolate coated vodka infused (Cosmopolitan)

3rd & finally was the (Mojito) now this had my taste buds going crazy a hint of mint chocolate coated cake with a delightful zingy & sweet lemon sugar infused with white rum.

All 3 packed a punch with a pleasant after kick.

I would most definitely recommend these to anyone looking for something for a special occasion. My personal favourite cake is chocolate & there gluten free chocolate centre cake pops are a must try.

Follow @popkakery on twitter
You can also order direct from there website popkakery.com


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