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Ss14 summer photoshoot


A late summers tale

This summer icedrainbow took the opportunity to do a professional late summer shoot
with 2 of there norfolk based friends so I owe it to them many many thanks for the fantastic photography JP & fashion lifestyle blogger sophie who modelled last week! To Show off some of the fun quirky new designs i had to offer this summer.

Set in a lovely location in Norwich norfolk my lovely blogger friend sophie
Pictured below featuring:
The floral beauty bracelet with floral cross detail
owl necklace (which will also be available in the aw14 collection too)
social butterfly necklace (with hearts and flowers detail)
And…. The cleopatra bracelet a simple leather bracelet with a touch of sparkle (which isn’t just a summer design)

So If you would like any of the items featured then please don’t hesitate to check out the website.
All designs are limited edition & only 10 made of each piece.

Follow us on Twitter: @icedrainbow
Like icedrainbow on Facebook: icedrainbow facebook page

Please also don’t forget to follow & check out sophie & jp’s websites & twitter pages

website blog sophie in the sticks
Twitter: @sophieintsticks

J Patrick photography
Twitter: @jpphotonorwich








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