10 hours in Accident and emergency


I don’t usually blog about personal experiences but this is my first and hopefully my last,
I’m am a young 27 year old male never having had to go into hospital for anything serious before, there are probably many of you who will relate to how I felt after my nhs experiance.

It all started at 2.30am on Tuesday Morning when I was woken up by a sharp cramp like pains in my stomach, after being up almost an hour of feeling this pain it had subsided a little so I went bak to bed. I then started to have pains fluctuating all night whilst I lay in bed staring at the clock every hour after drifting in and out of sleep after a very sleepless night & feeling of exhaustion from the pain, I got up at 7.45am made a cuppa to which the pain gradually started to get even more worse.

So I got dressed & suddenly the pain got so bad by this time it was around 1pm in the afternoon, to which I couldn’t take anymore having had 2 paracetamol it didn’t help. I then decided after being on a scale of 1 to 10 in pain felt like 100 double up in agony…….

I left for the hospital at 1.30.
Arrived in A and E at 2.00pm
Assessed at 2.05 so that was pretty quick and smooth Given some liquid morphine pain relief as I was on a scale of 8 by this time.
I was then taken to a ward I then waited 4 hours to be seen by a doctor a junior one might I add not a senior one, in between this time the morphine had kicked in so the pain scale had gone down to about 5, 2 hours into my 4 hour wait (medical student) took some blood.

4 hours later….. About 5pm
a Junior doctor appeared to examine me told me I (may have) an appendicitis or pancreatitis by this time the pain relief given earlier had worn off so the pain started to come back I asked for some more painkillers she also told me I had a high peek infection show up on the blood results.

About 30 mins later She comes back and said we need a urine sample done that and was told to give to a nurse then wait in seating area.
I couldn’t find anyone to give it too so….I spoke to a doctor who then told me your in cubical 13 no one told me before hand by this time they had taken me off the main board and onto the Bay Area board so I was shoved in a corner bay and it took 1 hour for someone to take urine sample to get tested.

(2 hours later) around 7.30pm I was finally given pain relief after persistently asking to have some although it wasn’t morphine it was… Paracetamol liquid form, which never helped still even after I had explained paracetamol didn’t help earlier before I came in. I then asked what else needs to be done as no one had told me anything in this time ( again after persistent asking of when I’ll be seen,

again….. I was then left to wait a further hour before being told at around 8.30pm a surgical assessment is needed to see if it is in fact appendicitis 9.30pm 1 hour later still no one arrived.
so…. Again by this time the 3rd shift changed had happened and another load of new doctors arrived, by this time I was still waiting so I asked for more info ( from a nurse) when I will see the surgeon they said “we are still waiting for them to come but I may have to go to eau to be assessed” so again more waiting….

15 mins passed by 9.45pm, I was climbing the walls by this point.
I had no idea what was happening and so yet again I called asked yet another nurse I’m still in pain I’ve seen no one still by this point I asked can someone please take my canular out of my arm so I can go if I need too, she replies “I have to check first before I can as you still haven’t been seen by the surgeon” That was the end of my A and E department time But then……

2 mins later nurse comes back
your going to Eau” oh ok so they took me there and I waited yet another 30 minutes went by before asking where is the surgeon please so I can be assessed?
by this time It was 10.15pm at night, 15 minutes later 10.30pm surgeons comes in assesses me she says ” were taking you to x ray for a scan… 2 scans” for possible gall stones by this time it was 9 hours into my hospital visit.

Arrived at X-ray had scan number 1
surgeon looks and all seem fine….
2nd X-ray to do I had to have a contrast scan they administered 2 liquid dyes into my canular, to which they pre warned I may experience a funny taste & heightened hot flush feeling in my body.
Whilst administering the liquid i had the most horrendous reaction first syringe I felt hot normal but then began to get a heavy tight chest they stopped for a moment & it went away, The Second syringe goes in as its happening I got even hotter & went to say what was happening & my speech was slurred and slow & then a few seconds later my throat begins to burn & get tight like someone was suffocating me & couldn’t breath, they stopped at this point and I panicked & said they can go ahead even though the last quarter hadn’t gone in my system.

By this point it was now 30 mins since my X-ray scan
surgeon had to disappear I wait for 15 mins & second scans done
I go back to EAU & wait for surgeon to look at the scan by this time she had been sent back to accident and emergency so I waited and I was told she may not be able to get to me till 12pm.

It got to midnight and I’d truly had enough so I asked can you find out please when the surgeon can see me? nurse replies “I’ll find out & let you know” 5 mins later surgeon come flying in & tells me “scan was fine but we may need to do another scan (a ct scan) but you may have to wait another hour or 2 or you can stay the night its up to me, or we may have to do it in the morning to be sure” by this time It was truly my last straw I’d had way to much waiting to get things done and just want to go home she said you can go if you want too that’s fine ( so no need for them to keep me in) finally got my canular out of my arm & I was on my way already I felt much better stress beginning to fade as I took each step away from the hospital & back home to my own bed By 1.30am on a Wednesday morning.

I give no thanks to the NHS hospital who dealt with me except for (only) the nurses & doctors that dealt with me.

my experience of waiting waiting and more waiting but still…. I am none the wiser as to what the problem was, even though they had me down originally as an appendicitis.


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