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A valentines tale

Now firstly valentines is not for everyone especially when your single, & even though there is a huge commercialised thing about valentines being shoved down peoples throats to make them want a product to buy it & give to there friend/partner to say how much they love them…
It need not be a thing about love or being in a relationship at all it can be for friendship too.

So What I’m trying to say is… that it need not be valentines for you to spread a little sparkle & we,ve designed a small but limited range this year, we’ve gone for the Non traditional heart jewellery Except for 1 piece of course but we have gone for Simplistic with a little sparkle but with something everyone will love.

Take our “forever charmed” bracelets each one comes with its own coa card because we have a branding contract with swarovski, each of these 4 designs are made with swarovski elements incorporated into the design.


Secondly we’ve also gone for chocolate…. Now every man & woman (well most) love chocolate but if your watching your weight & on a diet, well take a look at these 2 called “dark chocolate” & “milk chocolate” one for the ladies & one for the men which is also unisex .


We can buy flowers & chocolates any time of year ( except for when there overpriced for certain times of the year like valentines day) so no need to buy roses that’ll die in a week or chocolates that’ll ruin your diet that you’ve started well maybe a small box won’t hurt.

But jewellery….. Now that can be purchased anytime of year but a little something on valentines day (single or not) to a good friend or your partner would go down a little treat.

To take a look at our valentines range


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