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Introducing Percycute clothing The next generation in tee designs

One to watch out for with summer approaching and lots of things you’ll want to buy for that summer wardrobe.

Let me introduce to you Percycute clothing: A fantastically talented new brand with the utmost unique & fresh look on streetwear tee’s and sweatshirts you can buy, a new clothing designer with a vision and artistic talent.

If you love your clothes then you’ll definitely want one of there designs in your wardrobe I should know I own many already and plan to buy more.

I’m a huge supporter of independent brands & percycute clothing is one you’ll want to invest in.

What I think:
Great designs
I would & gladly recommend them regularly

Here are 2 of the designs I own already 1 of which was custom designed for me and I love my tee’s.



All I can say now is watch out for this brand as they are already a big hit.

Here is a few more of there designs

Follow them on twitter @percycutetees
Check out there website


Since writing this post Percycute clothing have evolved & now have a newly designed website & I’ve updated my blog with there new direct link to there site. So please do take a look!


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