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Pop cake tastic PopKakery

Love at first bite indeed, last week I received a gorgeous beautifully boxed selection of 8 pop cakes.

Each one draped in different types of chocolate & other edible colourful ingredients.
My favourite being the chocolate cake cake pops.

All I can say is:
Beautiful packaging
Great colours
Great flavours
Bigger than you think (bonus)

Each one individually wrapped and they even do custom orders personalised for special occasions
Too, if you love cake and don’t fancy a big slab of it then these are for you.

We had fights over who was having what in the office lol it was so funny.

Very soon they will have more new flavours Berrylicious & Mocha pop are 2 I will most definitely be trying

Give them a try & tell us what you think & tweet us what you thought of them too @icedrainbow

You can follow PopKakery on twitter too @PopKakery
There website

Here is a few photos of the ones I received:



They really are a truly delicious treat & I’d definitely recommend them to friends & family

Pop cakes & bling what more could you ask for 2 things a lady loves apart from shoes & bags are
Chocolate & jewellery.


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