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Official Exclusive First Look New Icedrainbow Jewellery Design – IL intrecciate Colori Twist Shamballa Collection

 It’s been a while since my last post – back in April 2012 i started on some New Products.

& one of which was This Exclusive Product.

 The Interwined Colour Twist Shamballa Collection

Also Known As  IL intrecciate Colori Twist Shamballa Collection

  Every so often there will be a new Mens Womans & unisex Style released

we have more designs online at

This was the very first design made the Britannia Triple crystal Twist

britannia union jack twist icedrainbow

Image above & Design is copyright & ownership of & not to be reproduced or used in anyway without permission. If you wish to use the image for Magazine or blogging etc Please Contact    Via the contact page on the website Or 1 of the email addresses on the website Thank you.

This blog post was originally written in april 2012.


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